V I T O R     M A T O S       

In the evolution of my career, now is the right moment and so my ambition to create Atelier in order to create a special and innovative gastronomic space.

The workshop is based on guidance in its creation, the culture of taste where "making food" is replaced by the whole "make kitchen" and work to promote the values ??of a kitchen cultural, natural, evolutionary, social and artistic.

The Kitchen Workshop is based on four key pillars ...
Influences here refers to a set of memories which I can not dissociate, rooted in the traditions and cultures, embodied in the social part of friends and colleagues, the very globalization that requires adaptability to the world.

Sensory which is based on the senses, the influence of emotions, their own pleasure in the act of cooking and the kitchen as a whole. Expression technology with new techniques and trends, monitoring the kitchen constantly evolving so that it can assign a cooking technology. Products and their respective origins, biodiversity, seasonality, the regionalisms and respect for the environment.
In the workshop will promote a kitchen of Mediterranean influence, creative and multisensory with notes of my international experience, using the products of the season, allowing genuine and fresh without turning the ring, maintaining and enhancing your palate. It is a modern-inspired cuisine, where tradition and new gastronomic trends make this kitchen as a clock for the senses.
The workshop will have no door open to the public but will be publicized and promoted on my website that will provide dates and rules for participation, do not seek widespread use of classes and events, so by restricting the number of participating, only then that we have given support to participants in making moments of pleasure and comes to be.

Hankering to be able to make a program filmed in my kitchen Atelier thereby disclosing my kitchen, my supporters in this initiative and possible products (brands).

In the workshop will have an air-conditioned wine cellar with a selection of fine wines, a selection of cookbooks and chefs of today available for consultation and gourmet products.

The workshop will be the stage for my sensory lab where I can put into practice my culinary trials and gastronomic can photography studio.