Philosophy & Concept

My kitchen is based on four key pillars, all with the same importance is reflected in each establishment in each experiment carried out whatever the purpose.

Influences as a set of memories from which man can not ever separate, it is implicit in its being in the middle, is one of the key pillars of the kitchen that I develop. But the influences go beyond memories, are also a reflection of the traditions and customs that identify an entire people. It is to transport the reflections culture to a way of life. Globalization itself and its need for adaptability to the changing reality in my kitchen are permeable to new demands, new fashions, new trends. It is a world in constant transformation process that requires a persistent process of (re) creation. To all these influences joins another of a more social and more personal to some extent, are the people who in one way or another in the mark, we sow ideas that unexpectedly reveal striking. They are the friends with your mastery compliment and encourage us and they are also the reason they call us when emotions are ablaze. The colleagues who support us or that we simply follow the path, sometimes in a straight line in other sinuous curves, but the goal coming with us and add more to our lives a little bit of essence.

Another pillar is the fundamental and essential products, the matter that makes it possible to create amazing dishes, often unexpected, connections in simpler or more complex products are there, are always there. From various locations, many with individual character and unique, some common and abundant biodiversity enhances the act of creating and recreating. The appellation of origin of products has become a key tool for ensuring the quality and authenticity and, therefore, foster consumer confidence. The rhythm of nature guided by the thread of the seasons promotes a variety of products rich in his time, with its characteristics at its peak because the cycle of nature so dictates. In this line we can not forget to mention the growing importance of organic farming, always in tune with the sustainability of the earth home.

There is also a sensory component which is based on the senses, point of departure and arrival of any experience. Because the creative process behind the combination of textures, colors, aromas and flavors involves the stimulation of the senses of those who create and inevitably provokes the senses of the consumer. The senses function as a virtual laboratory, an experiment which guinea pigs are the consumers themselves. Emotionally their own pleasure in the act of cooking and the kitchen as a whole makes a circular vortex of feelings that manifest in all creation.
The techniques and technology are the sine qua non for this whole project of cultural cuisine, modern and progressive. This is the last of the aspects that underpin this project, a project of cultural cuisine, modern and progressive. Such a concept is possible only with careful monitoring and constant new trends, innovating them and renewing them. And this process requires the application of technology in this universe reveals essential, just so it makes possible the concept of cooking technology, constantly evolving and subsequent learning.
Alongside the main pillars already described in a concerted manner that sustains this whole project at any time if you can overlook the importance of teamwork in the true sense, not as a set of people who are obliged to share the same workplace and in that one works only as compliant task. Above all the team has to share the same principle, the same means and the same purpose, based on mutual respect, sharing and trust. These values ??are reflected in each of the designs because each of them is the work of several persons.

Also the constraints have the emotional weight and that is not so little, is a mandatory condition good working environment, and emotional stability of each team member, we mean stability both professionally and personally. Just meeting these requirements are met the conditions to have a highly motivated and predisposed to meet any challenge.

At no time should we forget that culture is the biggest and best expression of a people, to me is a privilege belonging to a society where the cult of the table is like a religion. The proposed concept will always converge to promote a cultural cuisine, modern and progressive. The kitchen as an act of creation is more one of the most beautiful art and a kitchen that not only feeds. It is a cuisine of Mediterranean influence, creative and multisensory with notes of my international experience. It is a modern-inspired cuisine, where tradition and new gastronomic trends make this kitchen as a clock for the senses.

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