Between 1992 and 1995 I took the first steps when I opted for the course in cooking and pastry CPLN in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
Interning at the restaurant "Buffet de la Gare."
During the course I worked as a teacher Grandjean Chief Francis, master of the kitchen, executive chef of the most iconic luxury hotels in Switzerland.
I participated in an International Culinary Competition for apprentices and cooks in the "Palais de Beaulieu Gastronomy" in Lausanne, where I picked up 7th place and soon after I finished the course.
Held at the restaurant where the intern a Festival Gastronomique Champagne and participation of Royal Champagne Hotel Relais & Chateaux (1 Michelin star).

In 1995, I received my first job offer, this time as a cook in the first "Restaurant des Jeunes Rives," in Neuchâtel.
It was a good experience, has led to put into practice the knowledge acquired during my training.
This year was marked by the return of the family to Portugal, my parents' decision that I strongly supported.

In 1996 and until 1998 in Portugal, first embraced the project lands lusas as a second cook of the Hotel Mira Corgo in Vila Real, under the command of Chief Valadares.
Here I began what was to be my vision of Portuguese cuisine.
It was a difficult adjustment period, my training was far from the Portuguese regional cuisine and despite the memories, had no basis to develop.
Here was the beginning of professional contact with the real food culture, traditions and customs.

In 1998 it was my debut as a chef in Quinta do Paco, located in Vila Real, until 2001.
It was a fantastic experience during this period evolved significantly in regional cuisine, which has become an asset for future bets.
During this period I participated in the Tender Touch D 'Or Nestlé in 1999, where I was a finalist.
I also participated in the Competition Chef of the Year 1999 which led me to the regional contest for the final clearance in Coimbra.

From 2001 to 2002 I had a short spell at the Grand Hotel as head of Curia.
Despite this experience soon served to broaden the horizons within the spa cuisine.
It was in 2001 I attended a cooking course in cold School of Hospitality and Tourism Coimbra.
That same year participated in the 2nd Competition Port Wine and Gastronomy where we were not beyond the degree of participation.

In 2002 I headed to the Grand Hotel Caldas da Felgueira in There, to lead the kitchen team, where he stayed until 2004.
It was a period that marked my career and my development.
Flanked by the idyllic scenery of the mountains became easier to create and projecting a future became ever more pronounced and defined.
I attended a course in HACCP with Kitchen Thermal and obtain a certificate of attendance at training.
That same year I returned to participate in the Chef of the Year Contest 2002, where I was awarded a silver medal at the regional contest to qualify for the national final and bronze medal in the national final at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Estoril.

In 2003, on behalf of the Grand Hotel Caldas da Felgueira, I participate in the 3rd Competition Port Wine and Gastronomy, obtaining the diploma of gold.
That same year, insisted the Chef of the Year Contest 2003, which won the bronze medal in the regional contest qualify for the national finals, and finally the gold medal in the national final.
Having won the CCA 2003 marked the passing of the professional incognito for the professional who has to wake up some curiosity in the business.
From here it was easier to promote and develop what they really enjoy doing.
It was a dream realized, one more challenge overcome.

In 2004 I got the job of a chef's Vidago Palace Hotel, Golf & Spa, was a brief experience, but one more added value to my career.

In 2004 I embraced the new project proposed by Americo Luis Teixeira (who turned out CCA 2004), creating a gourmet restaurant in Thursday's Flag, part rural tourism, in Sao Pedro do Sul
Then I practiced the kind of cooking that still defend the way of cooking, a cuisine of traditional nature that is inseparable from the senses and emotions.
I lived there one of the highlights of my career, where I keep these moments in my memory process.
It was also there that I discovered a taste for the herbs and edible flowers, so much time there that it's obsessive.
During that year I also participated in the 2nd National Competition Sandwich in HOREXPO in Gastronomic Days and Cultural Sardine Matosinhos, Tides' 04, with the heads Helmut Zweibel and Hélio Loureiro, and in the "Odyssey School in Seia, with the objective of entering the Guinness Book.

Already in 2005, after 28 years of life and without experience in this segment, I get to the position of head chef at the Hotel Le Meridien Park Atlantic Porto (now Tiara Park Atlantic Porto since March 2008), five-star hotel and international nature.
Undoubtedly the biggest challenge of my career, but also the most motivated and inspired me.
Today I can say it was a safe bet, I need to have the freedom to create and support the direction.
I trust that in my work, my value and my choices.
The common goal is to provide a consistent service and quality worthy of five stars in that regard.
The challenges are multiple and recurring on a daily basis, the market reveals sudden changes in behavior every time, but why the opportunities become more attractive and motivating.
We participate in the 4th Contest Port Wine and Food with the right degree of silver.
I went well in the 1st Contest "The revolt of cod" in Seia, which has resulted in the first place.

During 2007 I attended the course of client service strategies, the Future Trends, obtaining vocational training certificate.
I was vice president of the jury of a Contest of Gastronomy of the Serra da Estrela in Seia.
I participated in the preparation and organization of the 2nd "Odyssey School, eighty-two hours of training", again with the aim of entering the Guinness Book.
I participated as a lecturer at the 2007 edition of Gourmet Viseu.
Co-organized the production of the 3rd Cultural and Gastronomic Festival in Portugal, in Caracas Venezuela at the invitation of the Embassy of Portugal in this country.

In 2008, a course in Initial Teacher Training of Trainers, with their procurement of the CAP.
Participated as speaker in 2008 Viseu Gourmet, Gourmet Essence in 2008, the Congress of Gastronomy 2008 in Matosinhos, ViniPortugal in 2008 and still to come in 2008.
HOREXPO participated in the cup that I won the 7th place.
Also attended the 6th International Award Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil in San Sebastian, which has resulted in the inclusion among the top five.

During 2009 I attended the Training Course, Leadership and Management Team by Team View, to obtain the certification training.
I joined the kitchen team that was representing the northern region to prepare and cook the buffet "Day of Portugal", Girona Gastronomic Forum in 2009.
I participated as a lecturer at the National Congress of Professional Kitchen, Gourmet Essence in '09 and BTL under the promotion of Tourism Region Porto and northern Portugal.

The year 2010 was undoubtedly a great year and major changes, first came an invitation to participate in the international panorama of Santiago Gastronomic Forum 2010 where I presented the subject in Obradoiro "The linguaxe North" with presentation and tasting of flavors Transmontano.
That same year was invited to lead the kitchen of the House Walk of Relais & Châteaux decided to embrace.
It was a difficult change, but the intent after selection and formation of a new kitchen team with major changes in philosophy and gastronomy, we had the merit of keeping the star Michelim (Michelim Portugal Spain Guide 2011).
It also happened the first time a meeting with young chefs in the palace of Bethlehem Portuguese promoted by the President of the Republic Cavaco Silva.
I attended the Essence Gourmet 2010, the National Congress of Professional Cooking.
We won a Sun in the Repsol Guide 2011 and to close a great year we were in the Distinguished category Best of Wine Tourism 2010 - Wine Tourism Restaurant, the Great Wine Capitals Global Network of gold and fork in the guide and Boa Cama Boa Mesa 2011.

In 2011 I participated in the contest V cocina creative with Italian ingredients held at Madrid Fusion 2011, which however did not win but I was offered a culinary journey through Tuscany and Emilia Romagna in Italy.
At the invitation of Chief Koschina, participate in initial food festival dinner at Vila Joya "Tribute 0. To Claudia 2011 "with all the bosses with stelae Michelin Portugal.
I attended the Congress of Esposende Gastronomic as a speaker at the 2011 Essence of Wine with a matching wine with wines Sogivinus, Horexpo Experience the CCA in 2011 in Lisbon with fish cooking in 2011 with a Harmonization with coffee Nespresso Allgarve in 2011 for 2 days at the restaurant of the Museum Preserve in Portimão, in essence Gournet 2011, and in Norcaça Norcastanha Norpesca 2011 in Bragança, was speaker at the National Congress of Professional Kitchen 2011 and the Jury contest Revolt of 2011 Cod.
We won the graph D'Gold Guide and Good Food Good Bed Diploma in 2012 and gold in the competition with Port Wine Gastronomy 2011.
At the end of the year I received the news with great expectation of the maintenance of the Guide Star Michelim Michelim Portugal Spain Sun in 2012 and 2012 Repsol Guide.